Canopies & Carports

Find the perfect canopy

Domestic Canopies

From a simple over the door cover to a complete wall shelter, our canopies offer all the benefits of a bit of shelter without being closed in.


Protect your vehicle from the elements with a car wide shelter. Keeping it cool in the sun and dry in the rain, not to mention birds dropping by!

Industrial Canopies

 A canopy can help identify your main point of access for your premises as well as create a bit of a welcoming shelter for clients and workers..

Smoker Shelters

 Add a simple canopy or create an enclosed area as a shelter for your customers when they feel the need of a cigarette.

Walkway Covers

Join up those areas across your premises with a bit of all weather shelter making it quicker for people to move around the area.

Loading Bay covers

Get loading in a safe and enclosed area allowing more uninterrupted activity for your goods no matter the weather.