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We bring a vast amount of insight and knowledge to each project to ensure that we deliver the best quality for whatever service you require.


All our work is carried out to the highest standards of quality and you can be sure that our customer support is quick and effective where it may be needed.


All our products have been fully tested and have stood the test of time wherever they have been delivered.

Many of our products are unique to Crystal Canopies and are protected by patents. 

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Crystal Canopies was a family business set up in the Year 1995, they  offered revolutionary designer products to their customers which took  the market by storm being their products are patented. 

The family  business growth superseded all expectations to rapidly become the UK'S  leading Garden room/Canopy/Carport suppliers and fitters. Nevertheless  in 2014 the company for whatever reason found itself in financial  difficulty due to the poor running of the  Company in its final 2 years before closure. It is evident from many  searches by the CBC GROUP before purchasing the Design and Trading  rights to CRYSTAL CANOPIES LTD that some of their products had been delivered substandard and were then given poor customer service support and an unwillingness to put right  the disputes placed before them. After close inspection  by our engineers concerning into these matters we discovered that  corners had been cut thus not offering the true structural value of  very cleverly designed products. Very poor management  decisions  brought about the company failure by ignoring their most  valuable asset thus the "CUSTOMER"!!

 Nevertheless the cantilever design owned by CRYSTAL CANOPIES is second  to none. Many companies have attempted to clone this unique  design but we have done what we had to via Court proceedings to protect our brand and as a consequence have thus forced these competitors  into using much weaker designed products that cannot stand up to the  structural integrity or designer look of CRYSTAL CANOPIES patented products.  

We are confident we will offer a service and  quality product second to none ("WATCH OUR SPACE").

As part of our commitment to become a leading company in this market we  will be looking to make contact with all previous customers whom have  suffered a wrong through the previous management involved in the running of  CRYSTAL CANOPIES LIMITED thus offering them a 50% reduction of any fees  quoted by us to put their product right. We are aware that a batch of  canopy beams were substandard and anyone whom had a garden room fitted  will more than likely be experiencing problems due to a substandard  inadequate roof being fitted, if this is you then please do not hesitate  to contact us, we offer a non quibble free survey, so call us to-day  lets put right a wrong.

info@crystalcanopies.co.uk tel no 0800 634 4811.